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boiling springs athletics

home of the bubblers!


boiling springs athletics

home of the bubblers!

boiling springs athletics

home of the bubblers!

Files & Links


Season Passes for 2019-2020

Season Passes for 2019.docx

Pre-Participation Packet for Fall Sports 2019

2019-2020 Athletic Pre-Participation Forms Final Copy.pdf

Download and complete all necessary forms for fall sports.

Coaches Directory 2019-2020

Boiling Springs Coaching Directory Website 2019-20201.docx

List of Coaches for 2019-2020.

Nomination Form for Hall of Fame for Coaches-Community

HOF Form for Coach-Community-Administrator.pdf

The nomination form for nominating a coach, community member or administrator is now available.

Hall of Fame Nomination Form for Athletes

HOF Form for Athlete.pdf

The nomination form to nominate an athlete is now available for the Athletic Hall of Fame starting in the fall of 2019.

Role of Parents in High School Sports

Role of Parent in High School Sports.pdf

Article from the NFHS on the role of parents in high school sports.

Transportation Form

Transportation Form Updated May 23.docx

Transportation form for students who do not take school provided transportation to athletic contests.

NCAA Eligibility Center Reference Booklet

NCAA Eligibility Center Booklet.pdf

This 32 page booklet is produced to explain the NCAA Eligibility Center and the recruiting process.

What is a Core Class

What is a Core Class.pdf

Explaining what is considered a core class.

Power Point on Path to College Athletics

Power Point on Path to College Athletics.pdf

A power point covering the four year path to college athletics.

New Division 1 Standards as of 2016

NCAA Division 1 New Standards.pdf

Explains the new standards set by the NCAA for Division 1 athletics.

How are Core Classes Calculated

How are Core Classes Calculated.pdf

Explains how core classes are calculted.

NCAA Quick Reference Guide

NCAA Quick Reference Guide.pdf

A guide to the NCAA.

High School Sport Participation Continues to Grow

High School Partication Grows for 29th Consecutive Year.pdf

Participation continues to grow in high school sports for the 29th consecutive year. Read the article from the most recent NFHS magazine published September, 2018.

Athletic Awards Given at Boiling Springs High School

Athletic Awards for Website1.docx

Complete list of awards given to student-athletes at Boiling Springs High School.

Accident Insurance Form for 2019-2020

Accident Insurance for 2019-2020.pdf

Any athlete wishing to purchase insurance can use this brochure.


District 111 Website for Standings and Information
Follow all District 111 schools with results, playoffs and standings on the website.

Mid Penn Conference (MPC)
The official website of the Mid Penn Conference (MPC). This site contains valuable information about all schools and sports that are sponsored by the MPC.

PIAA Website
This is the official website for the PIAA and contains all necessary information and forms needed for interscholastic sports in Pennsyvlania.


This site contains both free and fee online courses on numerous topics from the NFHS.
This site has information about earning a college scholarship in athletics.

NCAA Eligibility Center
This site must be used by athletes to register and get eligibility clearance by the NCAA in order to be recruited by various NCAA schools.

This is the official website for information about the NCAA and college athletics.

NFHS Website
This is the official website for the National Federation of High Schools which regulates activities nationwide. It contains great resources and information for coaches, student-athletes and parents.

Dynamite Sports
A great site that helps guiding the college-bound athlete in the recruiting process. Boiling Springs High School has partnered with Dynamite Sports to help our student-athletes make the best decisions possible in the recruiting process.
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